Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Violent Sunrise?

Every morning I open my eyes feeling the pains in my life from yesterday, only to find they are still there and new ones have built over some of the old. Does my neck hurt more or does my back feel stiffer. Are we still at war in the world? Did someone magically turn the economy around?

It's been two mornings since the US got a new president but nothing has changed, only an increase in optimism. I am one of those optimistic that hopes that things will change with this new president. It is an upward battle for sure, but I am optimistic. Now let's bring reality and open my eyes. I don't want a Neo experience from the Matrix, but the reality is no matter how good or optimistic one can be, there is only so much one can do in 100 days. Let's face it, this has been 8 years coming, we need 8 years to "fix it" or reach a balance.

People make peace, not weapons or war. If we prepare for war, we will only get war. We have to prepare for peace if we want peace. I hope to wake up one day and wonder where I am when everything is quiet, when war is gone and people are helping each other out striving to better themselves together and not alone.

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