Monday, February 9, 2009

Conserve your money, by conserving food.

I usually try to finish all the food that is on my plate, or at least that's served to me. Lately, I can't seem to shed the pounds, or kilos, especially around my waist so I've started to leave a bit behind. It bothers me that I'm not the only one that leaves food to go to waste.
I'm sure most know there is a food crisis going on in the world. Prices going up, export restrictions, GM(genetically modified) crops, lack of rain or too much rain and suspect the general quality of food out there. The worry of our food supply makes me want to go and start a farm...on my balcony first maybe. I wonder how much land is needed to feed a family of four??? I lose confidence that I am even capable of farming my own food. Can you? All I can do is not waste...for now.

American wallets and fridges are emptying out. They say that Americans waste about a quarter of their food that we eat. Here's what it would look like in a month. Imagine not wasting and actually eating all of this stuff a month? Oh, wait...

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